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Winners of the End of Year, Reader Appreciation Giveaway!


Well, 2015 is over and 2016 is here! That means that my end of the year, reader appreciation giveaway has ended and there are winners! They have been contacted already, and I thank everyone for entering! You made it a great giveaway. ­čÖé

Adelheid Prize Pack: Robert G.
Here, Kitty Kitty Prize Pack: Nadine S.
Bellator Prize Pack: Meredith M.
Amor Vincit Omnia Prize Packb: Juana E.
Digital Prize Pack: Andrea A.

Thank you, and Happy 2016!

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It’s the end of 2015! So…let’s give away stuff!


Listen to grumpy cat, he knows what he’s talking about!

But seriously, folks, it’s almost the end of 2015 and with 2016 looming large ahead of us, I’ve decided to do a reader appreciation, end-of-year giveaway with a bunch of stuff. I think it’s cool stuff, but I guess you’ll be the judge in the end. ­čśë This giveaway is gonna run through out the month of December, so please share the heck out of it. It’s open to everyone. Winners chosen in 2016.

The Prizes

One (1) Adelheid Prize Pack

One (1) Here, Kitty Kitty Prize Pack

One (1) Bellator Prize Pack

One (1) Amor Vincit Omnia Prize Pack

One (1) International/Digital Prize Pack

All of the physical prize packs are restricted to US/Canada mailing addresses, but there is an international prize pack with a bunch of ebooks and a gift card to Amazon. Every physical prize pack will have a physical copy of the book, sign bookmark, and a collection of book-related items.

There’s lots of ways to enter, so go for it, and tell your friends!

Enter the Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Gondor Calls for Aid!

…or not really, but it sounded funnier that way.


Well, folks, my fresh start is freshly started and I’m grateful for everyone who’ll be following along with me. In this process, there is one downside, however, that I’m hoping you’ll be willing to help me with. (Hence the calling for aid part!)

With putting together my new volumes and taking the other single releases down, the reviews that were on the single releases are no longer available to the Amazon shopping public. I wish that there had been a way to do this without that, but sadly…not. So, I’m hoping that my readers might be willing to post/re-post reviews of the others books on the new volumes. I will happily send you copies of these fresh versions in exchange.

If you’re willing and would like to post reviews, you can find┬áVolume One (Cameron’s Law, When Forever Died, and Cats & Dogs) HERE.

You can find Volume Two (Voracious, Family Matters, Written All Over Her, Sheltered, Disposable People, and Forever) HERE.

If you would like copies, just email me here: darien.mia (at)

Thank you!

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It’s a fresh start!

Welcome to the desk of Mia Darien

Cameron’s Law was released in December of 2011. I had done my fair share of research before I released it, but the fact is, there are some things that you just don’t learn until you’re actually doing it and in the middle of it. Since that time, I have written and released several stories, I’ve become a freelancer who edits/formats/does cover art, and I’ve started working as a virtual assistant to a book blog tour company.

I’ve learned a lot in the past four years. Plus, the landscape of the self-publishing world has changed in that time too. All of these changes and all of these things I learned led me to something of…an authorial crisis, shall we call it. I had gotten a little lost in things and fallen way behind on Being An Author, so I knew that either I had to quit the game or make some big changes.

Since I was fourteen, I have wanted to be a writer, a fantasy author. (Note: that was… uhm… seventeen, almost eighteen, years ago. That’s a long time and so I’m pretty sure this writing thing wasn’t a whim.) I have done fairly well over the years until I mired myself in matters. I wasn’t ready to let go of nearly two decades of wanting this.

That meant, I had to make some big changes to get my head back in it and take care of business.

So? Welcome to my changes.


As Mia Darien, Adelheid has always been “my thing.” I’ve released romances, but they always sat on the side. So, I pulled them. They will be re-released under a separate new pen name so that Mia Darien will be the focus of Adelheid, and my charitable anthologies. It’s been said that an author can hurt themselves by splitting genres and I think I’ve been doing so. Thus, my Mia Darien self is now focused. Adelheid is my world. I’m going to keep building it.


There are a lot of Adelheid stories, but they’ve all been rather short. Even my novels have tended to the 50-60k word range, and that’s just made for a lot of scattered threads. A lot of confusion. I’ll admit that I’m a little OCD-like when it comes to chaos, so I’ve cleaned it up. I’m giving my readers more bang for their buck now with two volumes of the earlier works that combine the novels and short stories. With fresh formatting and new covers.

Adelheid, Volume One (Welcome to Town) contains Cameron’s Law, When Forever Died, and Cats & Dogs.

Adelheid, Volume Two (Freak Central) contains Voracious, Family Matter, Written All Over Her, Sheltered, Disposable People, and Forever.

Future Adelheid stories–and there will be more!–will be longer novels and released singly, possibly with short stories included as bonus material.

A Fresh Face

I also realized that having a blog as my page may be not so attractive. If I’m not updating that top spot every few days, I’m looking pretty inactive, and so I’ve created a static website with all the information about my books and my freelancing services, and so on. Then I have this shiny blog as a separate entity.


As part of the new blog, however, I have a plan! (Evil machinations are good things for authors.) There will be four features each month, one each week. These features will focus on Adelheid, on things about Connecticut, on stuff that Mia just finds interesting, and then rants from my experiences in the Book World. Dork that I am, I even made banners for each one. ­čśë

So, here we are…

This is the new world of Mia Darien, author of the Adelheid series. I thank my readers for their patience and look forward to spreading the word about my quirky little town with this new start and new energy.

I’ll see you around town!

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