The Adelheid Chronicle: November 7th, 2016


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In Memorial


Today would have been my grandmother’s 84th birthday, but she passed away on September 3rd. Although we weren’t close in the way many other grandmothers and granddaughters were, the loss has been difficult. She was always very supportive of my writing, even when she didn’t always “get” it. But today’s “The Adelheid Chronicle” is dedicated to her because it’s her birthday, and the story I want to share.

She actually started watching “Angel” on television before I really knew much about it. But she knew it was vampires and magic, and that being what I wrote, it made her think of me. One day, I came home to find a box. In the box were all five seasons of “Angel” on DVD, and a note that said, “This is to help you with your writer’s block.”

I watched the hell out of those DVDs, and wrote. I still have the note too. It was out of the blue, but very important. Today, I want to remember that support.


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