From Mia’s Desk: November 14th, 2016


From Mia’s Desk will post the second week of each month and discuss something of interest to Mia, which she hopes others will find interesting too! It may focus on opinion pieces, literature (historical and current), or even movies–because a good story is a good story.


I’m happy to announce that the third story in the new Adelheid sequence releases today! Gutted is a short story featuring Abby, the Ancient vampire trapped in the body of a ten-year-old who we met in Voracious. It also goes and plays in a bit of historical fiction, looking at the time of Jack the Ripper, because Abby was old enough to be there.

A Ripper tale has been something I’ve wanted to write for a while, and this one–and the theory I posit–is one I┬áhad fun with and am excited for readers to check out!

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