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The Other Side of the Pen: November 28th, 2016


As a writer, as a freelance editor, as a reviewer… Well, sometimes Mia gets mouthy, and the fourth week of the month is when she’s gonna let you know just what she thinks!

Repetition & Redundancy

When I was in high school, my mother (who was my teacher because I was home-educated through middle and high school) told me about writing a paper: your introduction is to tell your reader what you’re going to tell them; the body of the paper tells them; and then the conclusion tells you what you just told them.

This is good advice for paper-writing, but less for novel writing when you do all this in one paragraph.

I’ve edited some things that would easily be sent off to the Redundancy Department of Redundancy. They will tell you the same thing about three four times in one paragraph; sometimes with the same words and sometimes in different ways. They always read to me something like this.

“I’m going to tell you this thing, because it’s really important. This important thing that I’m about to tell you is really important. It’s a thing, and it’s important. Do you remember that I am going to tell you this important thing?”

Readers usually have enough of a memory to recall that you told us Character A’s hair is black, you don’t need to tell us three times in three paragraphs. We know their last name, so you don’t have to use both first and last name every time you refer to them.

Try not to start every paragraph with the same word, especially pronouns.

Yes, sometimes you need to repeat things; you have to remind readers about important information. But watch out how often you do it in short spans of times. Are there any other ways to deliver information? Do you really NEED all of those words and descriptions? Do you use the same word that many times? Try to do a “find” function on a word or phrase, and you might be surprised how often you use it. (“Smirk” is apparently my curse.)

So…there it is. Watch out for repetition, redundancy, and reiteration. 😉

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Nutmegs & the Charter Oak: November 21st, 2016


Mia is from CT, and Adelheid is in CT…so, let’s talk about Connecticut!

Covering Connecticut

The following are pictures of Connecticut–stock photography, I’m not that good with a camera!–that I’ve used for Adelheid cover, either current or upcoming. (The cover to Adelheid, Volume One is not actually CT but does look like the state. It’s not included here, though.)

This was used for Adelheid, Volume Two (Freak Central) and is a picture of Hartford, the state capital.

This will be used for a future cover, and is a picture of Fairfield.

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From Mia’s Desk: November 14th, 2016


From Mia’s Desk will post the second week of each month and discuss something of interest to Mia, which she hopes others will find interesting too! It may focus on opinion pieces, literature (historical and current), or even movies–because a good story is a good story.


I’m happy to announce that the third story in the new Adelheid sequence releases today! Gutted is a short story featuring Abby, the Ancient vampire trapped in the body of a ten-year-old who we met in Voracious. It also goes and plays in a bit of historical fiction, looking at the time of Jack the Ripper, because Abby was old enough to be there.

A Ripper tale has been something I’ve wanted to write for a while, and this one–and the theory I posit–is one I had fun with and am excited for readers to check out!

Buy It Now!


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The Adelheid Chronicle: November 7th, 2016


The Adelheid Chronicle will post the first week of the month to discuss interesting facts about the series, the setting, its creation, about current and future releases, teasers, etc.,

In Memorial


Today would have been my grandmother’s 84th birthday, but she passed away on September 3rd. Although we weren’t close in the way many other grandmothers and granddaughters were, the loss has been difficult. She was always very supportive of my writing, even when she didn’t always “get” it. But today’s “The Adelheid Chronicle” is dedicated to her because it’s her birthday, and the story I want to share.

She actually started watching “Angel” on television before I really knew much about it. But she knew it was vampires and magic, and that being what I wrote, it made her think of me. One day, I came home to find a box. In the box were all five seasons of “Angel” on DVD, and a note that said, “This is to help you with your writer’s block.”

I watched the hell out of those DVDs, and wrote. I still have the note too. It was out of the blue, but very important. Today, I want to remember that support.


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