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Other Side of the Pen: September 26th, 2016


As a writer, as a freelance editor, as a reviewer… Well, sometimes Mia gets mouthy, and the fourth week of the month is when she’s gonna let you know just what she thinks!

I Wear Many Hats

Books and words are, almost literally, my life.

I’m an author who writes and publishes my own books. I edit, format, and create cover art for the books of others. I do “hobby” writing. I have a book review blog where I read books for others, and then I read books for pleasure.

The author and editor are the two most prominent, since the latter is my “day job” and the author still my “night job.” Since I do these things in addition to being a mother, and a wife, and maintaining a household, and dealing with chronic illness, the day job that helps pay the bills comes first. This often means that my own writing suffers.

Further, after spending a day working on other people’s books, it can be too much to want to work on my own.

It’s been difficult trying to find a balance between the two. Like most people, finding a way to pay the rent and live our dreams is a hard one. It’s one that I continue to struggle with, pretty much every day.

This is one of the reasons I created my Patreon account, to try to help afford a little weight to the scales and allow myself to write more. Otherwise, I soldier on.

Do other author-editors find this as much of a struggle as I do, I wonder.

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Nutmegs & the Charter Oak: September 19th, 2016


Mia is from CT, and Adelheid is in CT…so, let’s talk about Connecticut!


I’m so excited that it’s rolling into autumn–officially starting in just three days!–that I’m running around squealing! Okay, not really, but pretty darn close. New England is BEAUTIFUL in the autumn! Drive down some of our lovely rural roads, and the trees look like they’re on fire…without the actual nastiness of being on fire. <3

From Mia’s Desk: September 12th, 2016


From Mia’s Desk will post the second week of each month and discuss something of interest to Mia, which she hopes others will find interesting too! It may focus on opinion pieces, literature (historical and current), or even movies–because a good story is a good story.

Book Signings

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be attending three book signings in 2017! I’ll be spreading the word more as we get closer, but if you are or will be in any of the areas, feel free to stop by and see me. 🙂

All About the Indies – Sharing a table with Diantha Jones
18 February 2017 in DC

A Royal Affair – Sharing a table with Diantha Jones
19-20 May 2017 in Winchester, VA

Books in Vacationland
14 October 2017 in Portland, ME

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The Adelheid Chronicle: September 5th, 2016


The Adelheid Chronicle will post the first week of the month to discuss interesting facts about the series, the setting, its creation, about current and future releases, teasers, etc.,


As the next Adelheid book draws nearer, here is a quick taste of it…

Being liked is highly overrated.

There are people–certain people, a very few people–who I love, and I would put myself in front of a train for them. That does not, however, mean that I always like them, nor do I always want them to like me. Yet the world is obsessed with liking and being liked, and it’s just fucking overrated. You know what comes with being liked? Work. That’s what. And stress. And cooties, yes, I said it.

In my case my cheerful demeanor hasn’t given it away, my name is Dakota. I’m a bounty hunter that chases down the things that go bump in the night, or in the woods, or in the parking lot of the local supermarket. If there’s a supernatural beast making a nuisance of itself, I’m the one that gets hired to go hunt it down. Sometimes that “beast” is humanoid, like a vampire. Two legs, four legs, twelve legs, I don’t give a damn. Give me something to hunt, and I’m gone. That’s how it is and how I like it.

But it seems for a while now, people have been trying to make me be…nice, and social, and likeable. God, I hate it.

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