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Other Side of the Pen: August 22nd, 2016


As a writer, as a freelance editor, as a reviewer… Well, sometimes Mia gets mouthy, and the fourth week of the month is when she’s gonna let you know just what she thinks!

Be Bold

While editing, and even in my own writing, I have seen a trend of “over-qualifying” one’s words. It is often unnecessary and, in fact, makes things needlessly wordy. Unless you’re writing in First Person about a character with that kind of personality, don’t do it. Be brave! Be bold!

Instead of saying: “He looked over at her,” say “He looked at her.”

Instead of saying: “She started to walk,” say “She walked.” (The exception to this is if the walking was interrupted immediately after beginning. If that’s not the case, then just let her do it!)

Instead of saying: “He headed toward the wall,” say “He headed to the wall.” (Unless you really mean he was heading in a vague direction.)

Try to avoid “sort of” or “kind of” in sentences, or at least use sparingly and replace with adverbs (though use those sparingly as well) instead.

Use active verbs instead of modifying words when you can. Instead of “ran quickly,” maybe he sprinted. Instead of “looked fixedly,” she stared.

Don’t “give a smile” just “smile.” So instead of, “He gave her a smile” be “He smiled at her.”

These are not hard and fast rules, but things to keep in mind. If you’re confident and bold in your writing, it was make for much cleaner, smoother, and more engaging reading. Don’t be timid!

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Nutmegs & the Charter Oak: August 15th, 2016


Mia is from CT, and Adelheid is in CT…so, let’s talk about Connecticut!

Notable Nutmuggers

Did you know that Mark Twain moved to Hartford in 1871 and that he wrote many of his most famous works while living in the state? Topically noteworthy being A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. You can see the website and visit his house now! (As many elementary students on field trips still do!)

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From Mia’s Desk: August 8th, 2016


From Mia’s Desk will post the second week of each month and discuss something of interest to Mia, which she hopes others will find interesting too! It may focus on opinion pieces, literature (historical and current), or even movies–because a good story is a good story.

Good Things in Ten Days!

Check out this teaser from the anthology, which comes out out August 18th–but you don’t have to wait to pre-order it, and have it delivered right to your reader as soon as it’s available!


When the key witness in a high profile trial needs protection, “human taser” Special Agent Serafina Torres is put on protective detail. But when said witness is a vampire and those in the spotlight are anti-preternatural activists, how could it possibly go smoothly?

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The Adelheid Chronicle: August 1st, 2016


The Adelheid Chronicle will post the first week of the month to discuss interesting facts about the series, the setting, its creation, about current and future releases, teasers, etc.,

A Hint at the Next Book

Any guesses what this might mean for the next Adelheid volume? (Aside from there being seven stories.)


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